Monday, 13 February 2012

Whitney Houston

I know I promised the concluding saga of Ebay Wars today but the amount of posts relating to the death of Whitney Houston on my newsfeed has prompted me to reshedule and share some tributes.

I stand behind the sentiment of the first post, not a fan either but credit where it's due, I cannot deny she was an icon of my youth.

Others used her death as a political statement because nothing tells the plight of a hungry, starved child like the death of a famous, troubled singer.

I applaud Green here, Whitney is barely cold and he is already relieving the tension by joking about the likely cause of her death. I entertain notions that his newsfeed has been filled up with overly sad women who used to watch The Bodyguard repeatedly when they were teenagers pining for romantic first loves.

As for Pink, truer words spoken in jest!

Updated edit: It may be too soon, but damn Purple that was funny!

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