Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mail Order

There is so much win in today's submission, I just wanted to give gold stars all around.

To begin we have Pink's gushing adulation for a picture by Blue and Blue is right, Pink always speaks so eloquently about the love of his life, which just happens to be Purple.
Now first off Maroon breaks the love-in by a misreading accidentally or on purpose, Pink isn't deterred, he still has appreciation to unload. It's at this point Yellow earns his gold star, his comments are funny, work on multiple levels and they reference The Big Lebowski. Then Purple, bless her, rather than basking in Pink's adoration, leaps in with a witty comment of her own and shows herself not only to be a lady of fabulous physical attraction but also possessing a good sense of humour as well (bitch).

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