Friday, 3 February 2012

Couch Coaches

Ahh sport, around the world, in all it's variations, has ignited a primal urge to comment on the performance of our beloved teams. From the first sabretooth tiger bait and chase to today's modern impressive stadiums; we love, we cheer, we despair when our teams are on a losing streak. Our heroes are the coaches who bring the teams to a championship and we're happy to trash talk the opposing team on everything from their sexual preference, their physical attributes, the weight of their maternal parents and the promiscurity and animal lineage of their forebears.

We usually do so from the safety of our sofas but give a man a tv and he shall yell at it, give him a laptop and he shall commentate to the world with his Facebook status. Give him a misspelled slur on his beloved team and watch out because Blue is going down.


  1. Loved that one... U burnt him good... that guy was always a twat on my statuses so Ive deleted him now