Monday, 6 February 2012


Has Steph-I'm-far-too-unique-(uneek?)-to-spell-my-name-a-nie Meyer books, merchandise, projects and the like, become too commonplace? Throughout the interwebs, her literary poison has spawned viral jokes about Bromance, sparkly vampires, emo bad hair days and massive age gap relationships.

In the November television slump, prior to the kid saves Christmas genre of December evening films, how bad do things have to get before you read the Twilight series? Is it a sliding scale?
If Miss It's Only Baby Fat doesn't shed her desired pounds on The Biggest Loser, are you forced to read the first chapter of New Moon? Are we to become driven to the edge with a copy of Eclipse if there is another CSI rerun? How bad is too bad for Twilight?

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