Sunday, 12 February 2012

Attack of the Clothes

Yesterday, I began to narrate the woeful tale of my ebay purchase. Today, the chronicle continues.

Loopy tells me: "Posted on the 26th"; "My daughter was sick"; "Royal Mail say they delivered"; "Can I have your email/phone number for the police?" So on and so forth. Initially, my response was sympathetic, everyone has emergencies, sometimes your dog really does eat your receipt. However, she kept trying to contact me outside of ebay and asking me to drop the case as she had "proof of posting" but ebay had stopped payment and that was so rough for her while travelling back and forth to hospital.

Oh the guilt I felt! Running through my brain were visions of a child with some Victorian illness (sorry, I like steampunk).

The poor lamb separated from her mother all because Loopy could no longer afford to travel to the hospital. She became more and more erratic until I was metaphorically backing away from the computer thinking "Loopy = loopy".

And I waited.

Eventually on the glorious 9th February, heretoafter to be known as Resolution Day (at least in the confines of this blog), I received this:

Liar! Turned out she had been just putting random letters and numbers in the tracking info. I was indignant but I was vindicated. Think that is the end? Wrong.

The trilogy concludes tomorrow.

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