Friday, 17 February 2012

Driving Miss Crazy

Today I met a woman on the road who I must retrospectively bow before the master. I had been about to turn right at a three way "y" shaped intersection, when she comes barreling over a hill, forcing me off the road and into a ditch. I am stunned trying to get my wits around me as an afternoon of duck feeding with two under fives results in such a near miss. The guy behind me, who had had to brake suddenly so he wouldn't rear end me, realises he still has all nine lives intact and drives off merrily.

I'm buried half in the ditch with my car's butt on the wrong side of the road as some rubberneckers begin to gather up at the intersection. I am still sitting in my seat counting fingers and toes when the other driver opens my passenger door and starts screaming about how I was the cause of such a close call, wait what? I didn't even get a chance as this woman is chewing me out, telling me I could have killed her, her three elderly passengers and my two daughters and what was I thinking?  I'm thinking,"But you were speeding over a blind hill."

Miss Five, bless her, pipes up from the backseat "Why are you so grumpy? Mummy said sorry." and that was the thing before I knew it, *I* had been apologising to her. I was doubting myself; maybe I was in the wrong, maybe she didn't cut me off, maybe I was the cause of upset in three elderly ladies, maybe I was the one responsible? I apologise, start my car, drive the 2-3 miles home, walk in the door, go get a hug from my husband, make a cup of tea, eat a chocolate digestive and all of a sudden:

I had been saving this for some motor sport special occasion, like Le Mans Grand Prix or the Indy 500 etc but after today's fiasco I think I can only agree totally with Yellow there are so many idiots on the road.

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