Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Ebay Menace

It all began in the New Year, I decided to enrol Miss Five into Girl Guides, I made my enquiries, found a local troop that was starting fresh for 2012 at the end of January. I decided to save a bit of money and buy her uniform secondhand off ebay.

Saturday, January 14th: after two days of close watching, I win the auction, getting into a minor bidding war. Oh the excitement! I had already had a cursory look at Loopy's (not her real name, but apt) feedback profile, 99% positive. Good enough for me, 1 neutral remark about time delays and item not being exactly as described, nothing too major, besides I was buying a Girl Guides uniform, hardly much variation. I pay immediately and wait for delivery.

 Tues January 17th: Loopy sends me an email to say, item washed, ironed and will be posted on the 20th. I reply "okay, thanks" all the while thinking I'm going to wash it anyway but whatever flips your skirt.

All through January I wait for my parcel. I send a couple of emails asking if she has tracking information via the "contact the seller facility" and am summarily ignored.

OK, getting nowhere fast with Loopy, ebay resolution is my next port of call. Wouldn't you know it half an hour after making a ticket Loopy replies? So begins 10 days of vague emails.

to be cont'd....

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