Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tim Tam Slam

For the one or two random readers of this blog who don't know me personally and aren't therefore obligated to at least pretend to read daily, a little background knowledge about myself:
  1. I am an Australian, living abroad in Ireland for quite a long time.
  2. Because I am Australian I have eclectic tastebuds that enjoy such fine delicacies as Asian fusian, fresh produce, tropical fruits and engine degreaser (aka Vegemite).
  3. I have several online companies whose websites are stored in my favourites browser where I buy, at over the odds prices, my delicacies unavailable from local supermarkets as my family rarely send me care packages (my birthday is in September if anyone wishes to pool their resources).

But my all time favourites are Tim Tams:

And the best way to serve is with a Tim Tam Slam:

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