Friday, 23 March 2012


Siblings, can't beat them, illegal to commit fratricide/sororicide. Some know our darker secrets from childhood, others we inherit when we marry or we gain new ones when our parents remarry. If you're lucky you will be blessed with at least one or more awesome sibling, step-sibling, sibling in law. If you're unlucky you'll avoid any contact apart from weddings, funerals, royal succession and/or bequeathing of the family silver.

Really Blue? £1.78 that's all Pink is worth? That's $2.82USD by today's exchange rates (2.13euro, $2.71AUD) and that was it? You couldn't have even afforded to buy her a Big Mac with £1.78 what on earth did you buy her? Some penny sweets? I didn't even think they sold them singly anymore. You can't even get cherry lipgloss for less than £2 so I don't know whether I am in awe of your spendthriftness or just in shock that was all you spent.

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