Saturday, 3 March 2012

Rage Quitting FB

I have to admit I've been accused of rage quitting during a raid, although in my defense it was because an infant needed me more than the raid leader; that's my version of events anyway. I get it, sometimes you have to leave suddenly and sometimes you're defriended or dropped without warning in social media.

Should we take offense? A few years ago, not that many people had social networking sites and you didn't mind if you didn't know the opinion of some random who pulled your pigtails in primary school (You know you did it Porteous!), has it all become a bit too intimate? Are Facebook, Twitter and even online blogging the equivalent of neighbourhood curtain twitching?
We've all joked about "surviving the cull" or time for a "friend's list reshuffle" and felt a sense of smugness when made it through to the next round.

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