Monday, 19 March 2012

Death by Haiku

I drew a bit of a blank today, I have a bulging folder titled "Blog Pics" where I keep snipped conversations, memes and other random things that take my fancy. Most days, I have a general notion of what I intend to write about or if it's an occasion day that will give me a nice framework, or the aftermath of an occasion day, such as the drunken ramblings of an Irishman abroad on St Patrick's Day. Nothing seemed appropriate, not even the pre-written saved posts, I usually keep one or two, for days when I am short of time or inspiration (like today).

I could have chosen to write about unexpected mortality, two aquaintances I know are dealing with confronting their own time at a relatively young age. My husband lost his mother at a youngish age, yesterday was Mother's Day, I could have touched on that. A bit maudlin but nonetheless.

I could have chosen to write about the cats, the way I opened the back door last night to a decapitated bunny and a grinning Jonesy psychically enthusing about her latest offering. Or the fact that I was woken this morning with one staring at me until I opened my eyes.

I could have shared some short stories, poems or comics I have written/drawn but you'll have to wait for them as I plan to publish them one day. Or I could do a post that encompasses both mortality and my poetry; don't criticise it was written off the cuff and my first attempt at haiku.

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