Friday, 27 April 2012

White Flour

For as long as I've had my own home and homelife to cater for, I've held a rule that "Mumma doesn't cook on Fridays nights." It's my day off, treat night, a leftover from my youthful forays. At the most I will bung a ready meal in the oven and that's the height of my cooking, pizza and garlic bread are a good standby, I usually prefer to make my own pizzas so here is a super easy recipe for pizza dough that you can cook/freeze beforehand then add sauce, cheese and toppings of your own choosing:

For 1 thick or 2 thin crust pizzas:

3/4 x cup warm water
1 x Tblspn oil
1 x Tblspn sugar (I prefer caster)
1/2 x tspn salt
1 x Tblspn dry milk
2 & 1/4 x cups bread flour
1 x tspn yeast
Use the Dough cycle on your machine and put the ingredients in the order required for your machine.

For 2 thick or 4 thin crust pizzas:

1 & 2/3 x cups warm water
2 x Tblspn oil
2 x Tblspn sugar
1 x tspn salt
2 x Tblspn dry milk
4 & 1/2 cups bread flour
2 x tspn yeast

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