Sunday, 1 April 2012

Two Month's In

Never thought I would manage to keep my interest piqued for a whole other month, but I did! It's good going for the consumate slacker like myself.

To be honest, I thought I would be bored by now, instead here we are at April 1st and I've a desire to    give my all. Something about the first of April, Spring sunshine, so many possibilities are about, if             you know what I mean, or I am just rambling? Probably rambling.

Up until now, I possibly would have agreed that this is only a small blog, filled with friends chat,                  never will it be some lofty, sanctimonious preaching about the joys of homeschool, or what dress I'm     going to wear for the the races. Instead it'll be little things I find amusing and I hope that you do too.

To be perfectly frank, some days I can almost seem to be stretching trying to make a point:

Let me put you straight to rights right now, I am not the sort of woman who would ever dream set up           you the reader. Especially not on this auspicious day. There is no hidden meaning if you were to read down the first word of each line, nope none at all. Happy April Fool's.


  1. oooh stock aitken and waterman backmasking!!! I should be so lucky!!