Saturday, 28 April 2012

Save the Frogs Day 2012

You couldn't make this up, but today is International Amphibian Awareness Day. I quite like frogs, if they're singing about rainbows or if I'm drawing them. Not too fond of the whole pick them up and cuddle or play with the little slimers but hey if you're looking for a bit of feel good philanthropy, I guess they're not the worst charity to donate to.

As a side note trivial fact, I sang "The Rainbow Connection" for school assembly aged five.

Just to make you suffer further:

What's green and jumps?
A frog!! (groan!)

What's green and red?
A very mad frog.

What's green with red spots?
A frog with the chicken pox!

What's green with bumps?
A frog with the measles!

What's black and white and green?
A frog sitting on a newspaper.

What's green and dangerous?
A frog with a hand-grenade.

What's white on the outside, and green on the inside?
A frog sandwich!

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