Saturday, 7 April 2012

Reaching for the Rainbow

Once upon a time, about a decade ago, I was approached by an independant card and print making company to design a few pictures that they could mass produce via their printers in China. I drew some  standard roses, antique desks, candles and other cutesie things for Valentine's day; some figures embraced by hands for memorial/religious cards and as a special order for a local seafood, family restaurant designed the paper their menus would be printed on. I drew an old scroll for a "pirate treasure map". In fact I drew this:

Yes, that poster is my design, what went from a kids pirate map has over the decade morphed into the background for a gay marriage protest sign! Like it? I think it's brilliant personally. The card company sold the design somewhere along the way and according to a friend of mine, it is available in Walmart in the US for posters (maybe I should have asked for more, rather than selling the design outright, oh well).

Today I was getting a few clues that I should be posting (ha!) about gay rights, my sister just finished an assignment about teen suicide prevalence in gay teens and wrote about it on Facebook was probably my most obvious inspiration cue. Let me just be blatantly clear, I am 100% behind gay marriage, I have a (second) cousin who is gay and my Grandmother was very openminded about how many gay, lesbian family members there had been in the past, she really was ahead of her time in her attitudes in a very refreshing way.

(A bit of Easter humour.)

Personally, I am living in hope for the next generation,  if internet iconry can memefy these guys:

And hero worship these:

(Alright, he's never confirmed but still...)

(Not gay but a vocal advocate of gay rights, also I'm in lust with Seth MacFarlane's voice).

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