Saturday, 21 April 2012

Toast versus Chav

Oops, I missed Foodie Friday yesterday because I had my days mixed up, this happens probably with more frequency in our household than in others, as we work/study from home and aren't tied to schedules as much as other people. Obviously for some things like appointments or taxes we have to be set to rigidity like everyone else. Must tell you, I have *never* been the most organised of people and I certainly don't miss racing about first thing in the morning in order to be at the mercy of someone elses deadline, not for an instant. Nowadays the only day I have to race about is a Saturday in which I have my daughter enrolled in gymnastics at stupid o'clock.

Anyway, pardon my digression indiscretion (sub-par tonguetwister) we are going to have Foodie Friday a day late! It's the equivalent of a Saturday afternoon cookoff barbeque, it'll make no big difference in the great scheme of things, I'm an Australian, trust me I know bbq.

I like this post, it puts me in mind of Dwarf Bread.

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