Saturday, 19 May 2012


Last night I was told to "GROW UP FFS!!" (I'm not growing up and you can't make me!) and had to listen to the whining of some grumpy, little dps who got all sad and upset that I didn't kowtow to his entitled arse after a fight and instead healed the guy beside him, who needed it more. I sort of thought y'know you could have used a bandage or eaten to regenerate in a battleground. Still, it was amusing to watch him try and flex his epeen about much to the bemusement of myself and my two other guildies who then spent considerable amount of time taking the piss in the battleground and in guild chat.

This isn't a new occurence for me, I quite often go against teen angst in MMOs, I encourage it in a way, there is something quite malicious in me that likes to befriend a player from the opposite faction, smile, help them out on chain qs, lull them into a false sense of security then kill them when they've pulled the final boss. I play computer games to relax, if someone wants to get their panties in a bunch over an MMO who am I to stop them?

As a parent that made me sad, as a PvPer it just stroked my ego.

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