Thursday, 3 May 2012

Organ Donor

Today is the 44th anniversary of the first UK heart transplant. I think that's an amazing accomplishment in humanity and something that should be celebrated. Organ donation isn't about morbidity and death, it's about vitality and life, I do understand that some people struggle with that concept, although it's really not too far removed from giving blood, sperm or ovum. In my eyes it's about caring for another human being who is having a rough time of it, through no fault of their own, who may be feeling scared, alone and small and reaching out to make their life better.

(My date for my Year 11&12 ball (prom) was a CF patient who died before a transplant was available.)

Recently Facebook announced organ donation notification as part of their registration process would be implemented within US residents. I'm dubious about letting social media and multinational corporations access to my personal life but at the same time, the idea of getting people to sign a donor card gets a big ole thumbs up from me.

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