Thursday, 28 June 2012

Royal Bank of Scotland

It's been 9 days from I had a working bank account (I bank with Ulsterbank part of RBS Group), bills and subs aren't being paid, I've no access to money unless I actually go into local branch and explain to the staff what money I am expecting in, having them noseying through my finances and producing my horrific photo id driving licence and begging. For everyone saying "it could be worse, there was that guy who had to remain in jail because they couldn't process his bail"...bully for him he's being fed and watered, I'm listening to my electric sing and buying dated food at reduced prices as I'm not sure how much I have to spend. At the start of the year RBS CEO made headlines for receiving a bonus £963,000, he's due a similar amount now? GTFO you shower of bastards and clear up this steaming pile of cow manure that you have left thousands of people wallowing in. Just for interest, one of the bills I had to ring and ask for an extension on because of your fail, the guy I was speaking to banked with Natwest (also part of RBS group) and had no problem giving me an extension, for any others I will be sending you bills of my charges incurred.

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