Tuesday, 12 June 2012


One of my siblings sat a chemistry exam today as part of their nursing degree; as I am no stranger to the stressful undertaking of a bio-medicine exam, I thought to try and lighten the load with some combustible humour.

Q: What are: Ba(Na)2
A: Banana
Q: NaCl(aq), NaCl(aq), C C C C C C C
A: Saline, saline, over the seven Cs
Q: What do you do when you find a dead chemist?
A: Barium.
Q: What is the purpose of a doctor?
A: Helium.
Q: What do you call a convict who dresses up as a clown?
A: Silicon.

The Periodic Table of Rejected Elements

Hope this helps 74 W(endy),

Until tomorrow, 44  Ru(th).

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